Petrosoph® adds New Features & System Updates

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Boston, MA | San Diego, CA

SAN DIEGO, November 14, 2017Perygrene Global, a leading developer of cloud-based application systems and workforce management software for mid-sized and large organizations, today announced the release of the latest product enhancements and system upgrades to Petrosoph®, the petroleum industry’s most advanced Transportation Management System.

“Petrosoph® released several new features and updates in its’ quest to remain at the forefront of innovation, delivering best-in-class Transportation Management Software solutions to its’ clients.”

Some of the features and system updates include:

▪ Advanced Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation added to Driver Mobile

▪ Load Planning & Route Optimization extended to Bobtail Module

▪ Delivery-Site Inventory Capture & Reconciliation

▪ Third-Party Dispatch & Delivery Reconciliation

▪ ELD Application updates & iPhone Compatibility

Petrosoph® utilizes dynamic logical definitions, highly complex data structures and real-time data capture to streamline and fully automate the transportation back-office and delivery functions for petroleum transportation companies.   With Petrosoph®, organizations and their customers can eliminate the time and reduce the costs associated with traditionally manual processes, resulting in improved customer retention rates, increased productivity, and higher revenue capture.

Download Product Release Update Here

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Perygrene is a software development and IT consulting firm that delivers full cycle software development services to clients worldwide. Perygrene is an expert in development, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, advanced web and mobile applications offering a well-balanced blend of technology skills, domain knowledge, hands-on business experience, effective methodology and passion for IT.


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