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SAN DIEGO, September 14, 2017Perygrene Global, a leading developer of cloud-based application systems and workforce management software for mid-sized and large organizations, today introduced Petrosoph Automated Accounting, an advanced feature designed to utilize dynamic logical definitions, highly complex data structures and real-time data capture to streamline and fully automate the invoice generation process for transportation companies.   With Petrosoph Automated Accounting, organizations and their customers can eliminate the time and reduce the costs associated with traditionally manual invoicing processes, resulting in improved customer retention rates, increased productivity, and higher revenue capture.

Our increasing shift towards a mobile-enabled world has led to a proliferation of devices and machines connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), which has conditioned end-users to expect delivery of products and services in real-time. Indeed, Gartner, Inc. forecasts that 8.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2017, up 31 percent from 2016, and will reach 20.4 billion by 2020. However, many organizations’ service teams today are incapable of keeping pace with their customers’ real-time service demands, due to time and resource constraints. As a result, organizations are increasingly seeking ways to streamline their operations in order to meet their customers’ needs.

“If you spend 5 minutes generating an invoice, you’ve wasted 4 minutes and 57 seconds.”

A real-time, highly connected platform, Petrosoph Transportation Management Systems provides comprehensive and user-friendly features that allow organizations to streamline and automate dispatch operations, mobile work-force service processes, accounting, compliance, and human capital management, much more quickly than ever before.  Petrosoph Mobile applications provide real-time connectivity, communications, live traffic and GPS data between dispatchers and drivers.  Convenient access to critical information is available to drivers and a simple guided wizard assists with accurate and streamlined delivery operations.  Delivery reports and electronic bills of ladings are automatically transmitted to the customer upon completion of delivery. This combination of features completely eliminates the need for lengthy email chains, outdated spreadsheets, constant phone calls, and manual paperwork.

“The petroleum transportation industry is comprised of organizations that operate within large and complex ecosystems of customers, suppliers, terminals, and products.  The manual processes that are inherent in this sector are outdated.  Petrosoph provides the quickest path to higher productivity, improved safety, and better results,” said Aadit Sitaula, CIO of Perygrene Global. “With Petrosoph, we are providing these organizations with a fast, reliable and highly user-friendly system that enables them to streamline the entire delivery process, which saves invaluable time and resources.  With this new Automated Accounting feature, we are solidifying our commitment to helping our customers grow their businesses with rock solid operations.”

Petrosoph Automated Accounting is available at:


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Perygrene is a software development and IT consulting firm that delivers full cycle software development services to clients worldwide. Perygrene is an expert in development, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, advanced web and mobile applications offering a well-balanced blend of technology skills, domain knowledge, hands-on business experience, effective methodology and passion for IT.


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