Petrosoph Data Import

Petrosoph Eliminates Manual Data Entry!

Getting started in a new application can be time-consuming, and manually entering hundreds of records can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. As part of our commitment to help our clients set up and running smoothly, Petrosoph offers the ability to import data directly into Petrosoph.
Here are the data templates available for import:


Filling In The Templates

Download the appropriate template for the data you want to import and take some time to familiarize yourself with the structure of the data. While we have tried our best to streamline the process – it unlikely to match your source data exactly, and you will need to be careful to ensure that the right data is being imported.

Each template includes two worksheets:

The first worksheet includes a sample row of data to help demonstrate the appropriate content, as well as the required format for the data. Columns marked in red are required fields.

The second worksheet includes the description and format of the fields.

While not all fields are required, we strongly recommend that you try to import as much data as possible to avoid manual data entry later. Petrosoph has been designed with years of feedback and experience so most of the fields should be in the file. If for any reason, you find any fields missing, please contact your consultant and we would be happy to work with you.

Once you have understood the organization of the template, copy and paste your data into the appropriate columns, matching the formatting of the sample as much as possible. The column names do not have to be exact but it does have to be in the order specified in the template. (You should be particularly careful to avoid additional commas or apostrophes, as both can wreak havoc with our importing tools.)

We hope you find this process simple, but if you need help, our expert team is on standby and happy to help you through this process. Take the stress away and contact your consultant.

Required Fields

Each template contains a number of columns for Required Fields, which are highlighted in red. As the name suggests, these columns are required in order to import the data. If there is no data in these columns, or there is a problem with the formatting of the data in these columns, the import process will not work.

Need Help? Contact Support

We pride ourselves in superior customer service. Our goal is to help you with a smooth transition and only a phone call/email away.