Simple and effective asset management to keep your trucks on the road. 

From acquisition to liquidation, Petrosoph® includes an end-to-end solution designed to maximize the day-to-day utilization of your equipment. The unique specifications of each unit of equipment and routine maintenance schedules are tracked, so you never miss a beat!  


Planning, scheduling, and tracking fleet maintenance with highly flexible automated alerts helps fleet managers and staff make sound decisions that will improve productivity, efficiency, and asset utilization capabilities.


Integrated GPS asset tracking and engine diagnostic reporting is available to keep your team informed of vehicle locations and critical events that require attention. Gain visibility and control by limiting unplanned down-time with Petrosoph®!

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Equipment Specifications

Designed to store and track the most minute details, with Petrosoph® fixed asset management is a cinch. 

GPS Technology

Petrosoph® enables GPS tracking technology to ensure you always know where your assets are located.  Optional hardware is available to enable remote control capabilities. 

Automated Alerts

With Automated Alerts, you're sure to never miss an important maintenance interval or permit renewal.  In addition, set GPS alerts to stay informed of critical events. 

Maintenance Manager

Schedule and track routine maintenance and keep major maintenance expenses to a minimum.

Performance Reports

Performance reports help management teams make timely and informed decisions to improve critical areas of the business. 

Document Management

Petrosoph® Document Manager stores and tracks all license, permit and registration details, including effective and expiry dates, to keep your fleet on the road!!