Nobody likes to work in the dark.   


Today's common carriers and fuel distributors face tremendous challenges: rising labor costs, complicated regulations, employee turn-over, tight margins, intense capital requirements, and stiff competition.  


Petrosoph® was designed to turn these challenges into profitable opportunities, providing the critical information you need, when you need it.  


With Petrosoph® , you'll never work in the dark again! 

Improve your Fleet Utilization!

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KPI Dashboard

Do you ever wonder what the current wait time is at a loading terminal?

Wouldn't it be nice to know which drivers may be returning late?

Would your customers appreciate a proactive notice of a change in delivery ETA?  

We're familiar with these challenges and understand the critical data you need, so we built the tools to give you the answers!   

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Revenue Insights

Petrosoph® slices and dices your revenue against a number of variables to help you understand how your organization is performing and where the opportunities are.

Armed with these metrics, your team will be able to make adjustments and see immediate improvements in top-line sales and bottom line results.      

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Productivity Insights

Petrosoph® Productivity Insights is like putting another set of eyes on the goal.

You'll see which drivers are delivering your revenue, which trucks are under utilized, how much money you're earning per mile, and much more!  

The right information at the right time will deliver the right results.  

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Productivity Insights

Deadhead vs. Loaded miles -why not? 

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Compliance Insights

Petrosoph® captures and stores all of your company's regulatory compliance documents, driver's motor vehicle files, and fleet maintenance records.  

We know compliance can be complicated (and expensive), so we decided to include the tools you need to make it easy.

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