The Industry-Leading Transportation Management System for Fuel Haulers

Today's common carriers and fuel distribution companies face tremendous challenges: rising labor costs, constantly changing regulations, high employee turn-over, cash flow management, and increased workloads required by major retailers and larger customers to manage inventories while handling various logistical tasks as part of an overall service agreement. Many of these challenges can become opportunities for forward-thinking, agile transportation companies.


Petrosoph was designed to help fuel distributors and common carriers of all sizes to turn these challenges into profitable opportunities. Petrosoph is a feature-packed transportation management system, offering your fleet all of the benefits you seek from modular adapted systems, but with the power and simplicity of a single solution that unlocks your fleet's true potential unlike any other product on the market. Dispatch has never been so easy!

Increase Your Revenue!

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Petrosoph's full-feature design takes the guesswork out of order creation.  Build a single order with the click of a few buttons or create hundreds of orders with ORDER CLONE. Better yet, use the ORDER AUTOMATION feature to let Petrosoph do the work for you!


Every order is automatically processed through Petrosoph® LOAD VALIDATION.  Virtually every unforeseen issue that could prevent your driver from loading or delivering an order is checked before the order is scheduled for delivery.   


Petrosoph® SCHEDULE calculates available driver hours and utilizes Petrosoph®'s patent pending ROUTE OPTIMIZATION feature to calculate each order's projected time requirements, ensuring the most efficient scheduling and assignment of orders by driver, by shift, by day.  


Designed to maximize loaded miles, Petrosoph® ROUTE OPTIMIZATION combines a complex data set with LIVE TRAFFIC conditions and GPS locations to determine the most efficient route for each pending order.


View and TRACK order progress in REAL-TIME. LIVE TRAFFIC and GPS integration provides up-to-the-minute details.  If delays are killing your productivity and demurrage reasons are often over-looked, it's time to get Petrosoph®! 


Upon completion, the order status updates to 'Delivered' and Petrosoph® auto-generates a DELIVERY REPORT that includes a digital eBOL and Veeder-Root receipts attached for manual or AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION to your customer.