Safety isn't expensive.  It's priceless. 


Petrosoph includes an effective risk management solution designed to provide your staff with accessible training tools, strengthen management oversight and visibility, and mitigate significant risk exposures.  


Provide your drivers with mobile-web training videos and documents, track training activity, and perform safety audits. Driver incident reporting features help ensure critical information is captured and stored for loss investigations and timely resolution.   


Compliance and document management tools track all licenses, permits, and regulatory details, providing automated alerts to ensure renewal dates are never missed. Drivers are able to view and send electronic copies of any license, permit, registration or certificate, directly from the Driver Mobile eTruck book.  


Meet the FMCSA electronic logging device mandate with Petrosoph HOS/ELD solutions. Improve driver safety and job satisfaction with workload management and effective scheduling.

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The Petrosoph® Compliance module digitally stores all your organization’s compliance documents and provides automated alerts to ensure you never miss a critical renewal date.  Preparing for your next audit couldn’t be easier!


The built-in maintenance feature assists fleet managers with tracking and scheduling routine maintenance.  Unplanned maintenance, vehicle down-time, and other critical details are easily captured to keep your costs down and uptime maximized.

Truck eBook

As your fleet grows, maintaining copies of current records in each vehicle can be cumbersome.  With the integrated Petrosoph® Truck eBook, your drivers may access digital copies of your organization’s most current records from the Petrosoph® Driver Mobile.   In the event of an inspection, drivers can display or send a PDF version of the requested documents directly to the inspector. 


The Petrosoph® eDVIR feature meets all FMCSA requirements for electronic vehicle inspection records and simplifies the DVIR process.   Once the eDVIR is complete, Petrosoph® automates the repair scheduling process -sending inspection reports with noted defects directly to a repair queue and tracks the vehicle downtime and service status. 


The Petrosoph® ELD module combines a FMCSA-compliant Electronic Logging Device with the Petrosoph® ELD Mobile App to deliver a robust, turn-key, fully-integrated solution.  


The built-in hours of service module is a simple and flexible, yet powerful tool to keep your drivers safe. In addition, all the driver’s time records are easily exported for streamlined payroll processing.


Training new employees and providing your veteran drivers with refresher courses has never been easier!  Just upload your organization’s most recent training materials into Petrosoph®.  Drivers will receive an alert on the Driver Mobile application to view the material and complete the quiz or acknowledgement when scheduled.   

Loss Investigations

The Loss Investigation tool ensures your driver captures all critical details at the time of the incident, including images, location, and third-party details.  This information is immediately transmitted from the Driver Mobile application to Petrosoph® and via email to the designated company staff, ensuring a thorough and timely investigation can be completed. 


The fully interactive Business Intelligence Reports and KPI Dashboard will turn your business into a data-driven enterprise with real-time data, allowing everyone in your organization to analyze performance results and metrics derived from a single, accurate source.